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Technical datasheets


Structural Properties

The statistic introduction of acrylic esters into the polyethylene chains modifies the basic characteristics.


  • Easy processing
  • Compatibility with PE, PP, PS, PET
  • Thermal stability
  • Adhesion
  • Flexibility
  • Filler acceptance
  • Sealabilty
  • Low temperature properties


The Lotryl® range goes from semi-crystallinity products (grades with less than 10% of comonomer) to completely amorphous elastomers (grades with more than 30%).
There is no crystallinity difference between EMA and EBA copolymers.
Lotryl™ 35BA40 impact modifier for PBT resins.

Lotryl™ EBA resins has been developed for the hot melt industry. Their thermal stability and flexibility at low temperature make them a good choice in adhesives for deep freeze packaging.

Ethylene-methyl acrylate copolymer (EMA copolymer)
Increasing with the comonomer content, EMA’s polarity is higher than EBA’s one. These characteristics are important when Lotryl® are formulated with low molecular weight products such as in bitumen or hot melt formulations.


Lotryl ™ resins are compatible and easily dispersed in asphalts. Lotryl ™ resins dramatically improve the elastic behavior for better rutting resistance, fatigue performance and ageing resistance of the asphalt. Lotryl ™ resins enhance the cohesion between binders and aggregates for longer asphalt layer life.

Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) Compounds
Cable insulation used in buildings, automobiles and power networks are increasingly required to use halogen free flame-retardants. Lotryl™ resins accept high loadings of flame retardant additives such as Mg (OH2)and Al(OH)3


The high thermal stability of Lotryl ™ resins make them well suited for high throughput and elevated temperature processing. Lotryl ™ resins are readily cross-linked by peroxides, silane or E-beam when high temperature resistance is needed.

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