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Orevac ® G – ARKEMA polymers have a reactive function grafted in the extruder or in solution.

They are particularly reactive with hydroxyl and amine groups. Acting in interaction with molecular chains, Orevac® G is neither corrosive nor sensitive to humidity.

Their dual function is to make polymers as different as PA, PO, EVOH, PET, etc., compatible with each other, and to add the charged PP and PE as a chemical coupling agent.

Key points

Maleic anhydride grafted offers:

  • Excellent compatibility with a large number of convenience and technical polymers as well as metals.
  • An excellent function as a blowing agent for fillers such as fiberglass, mineral and natural fibers in PP and PE.
  • Markets and applications
  • Multilayer films for food packaging,
  • Vacuum packaging films,
  • Shrink films,
  • Seals for UHT milk bottles,
  • For the packaging of fresh foodstuffs,
  • For the pharmaceutical and chemical industry …
  • Underfloor heating pipes Multilayer tanks for fuels Interface for composite

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