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Orgalloy is a family of patented polyamide based thermoplastics alloys.
Orgalloy polyamide alloys offer the best properties of polyamides:
mechanical strength, thermal resistance and chemical resistance, as well as other major advantages such as:


  • lower water absorption
  • dimensional stability
  • constant mechanical properties
  • stable electrical properties
  • resistance to hydrolysis
  • easy processing

Orgalloy products are used in all the traditional application sectors of engineering polymers and may be processed using conventional processing methods for plastics.

In the automotive sector for the manufacture of under-bonnet air duct parts and oil-filler tubes in motor vehicles, multi-layer fuel tanks and fuel lines,
high-pressure flexible hoses for air-conditioning systems and fan components.

In the electrical sector : cables and connectors. Orgalloy is also used for its barrier properties in engineering films such as protective bag in box films for chemicals or in caps for containers of phytosanitary products.

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