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REPSOL Polyolefins   

REPSOL Polyolefins, the best-known plastics, offer a series of properties such as flexibility, mechanical resistance, low weight, stability, impermeability to moisture and easy sterilisation, which make them extremely versatile in their applications.

Due to their versatility, polyolefins are used to manufacture such varied and everyday products as packaging, pipes, electrical appliances and the like. As such, they are the most widespread plastics.

The polyolefins marketed by Repsol are PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and copolymers with other monomers.

Use of polyolefins
These products are employed in many applications for all kind of uses, some general and others very specialised. They are used in materials intended for containers and packagingpipes for water and gas, electrical appliances, cable coverings, fibres and components for motor vehicles.

Official distributor for REPSOL resins : ISPLEN et ALCUDIA.

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