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K Ink

Mono-component K ink adheres to almost any problem material.


K ink, a new range of ink for pad printing. 

This single-component ink has all the advantages of a bi-component ink.


It adheres to almost all problematic materials such as rubber, acetal, nylon, latex, metals.


Pretreatment is only necessary on PP and PE. The ink K is available in several colors, the ink K is in the form of a paste.

The life of this ink is unlimited, no emptying, no cleaning during work stoppage (even long-term).


The ink consumption is much lower, which saves time when cleaning the inkwells. The only constraint is the need to polymerize it.

This ink is available in 26 standard colors.

One-component ink with the advantages and peculiarities of two-component ink:

  • Unlimited potty life.
  • Much less ink consumption.
  • Save time for cleaning ink trays. One type of ink for all materials

Unnecessary hardener.