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  • Cosmetic
  • Healthcare
  • Wrapping


  • Injection


  • Food contact – FDA
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacopée USP XXI class VI


Technical datasheets


The CET 2xx shock modified SMMA range combines good mechanical properties with ease of use.

Its advantages are low density, low moisture absorption and good fluidity for large parts.

Its natural resistance to gamma and beta irradiation, blood and alcohol makes it an ideal material for medical applications as a substitute for MABS, or PCs for a BPA-free version. CET 230, 240 and 265 are transparent, rigid and much more resistant versions than the CET 116 and 123, whose impact resistance has been improved.

The CET 2xx range is an alternative to Polycarbonate and transparent ABS.


  • Better mechanical properties than GPPS
  • No pre drying
  • Easy to process
  • Excellent transparency
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • FDA compliant
  • USP Class VI compliant
  • Scratch resistance

Applications / Markets

Housewares, medical devices, office products, appliance and electronics, commercial dispensers, commercial point of purchase products, consumer market such as cosmetic packaging and a mechanicl pencils.


For medical
Its advantages are a low density, a weak absorption moisture and a good fluidity for the ranks injection. Its natural resistance to irradiation gamma and beta, blood and alcohol in fact an ideal matter for the medical applications in substitute in particular of the MABS.


More details about CET on OMNEXUS.specialchem.com


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