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  • Cosmetic


  • Injection


  • BPA free
  • Food contact – FDA
  • Healthcare


Technical datasheets


copolymère acrylique cristal - Polymix
stylo copolymère acrylique cristal - Polymix
pot cosmetique copolymère acrylique cristal - Polymix

CET RESIRENE (MBS) is an acrylic copolymer the crystal linking best styrenic with best acrylic resins.

The CET is ideal for parts with thick walls but it also presents a good behavior in thin walls. Of withdrawal identical to a PMMA, its absorption of moisture is very weak just as its density.


CET 116
with MFI 2.8 and tensile modulus 7,550
Glasses and cups, refrigerator compartments, blender cups, toys, decorations, medical applications


CET 123
with MFI 2.3 and tensile modulus 8,900
fors Jars, paper dispensers, shaving razors, tooth brush

The standard application are cosmetic, food packing and the medical parts.


  • Sparkling clarity
  • Color & decorate easily – pre-color available
  • Excellent resistance to alcohol, blood & lipids
  • Practical toughness
  • Easy to process
  • FDA and USP 21 Class VI compliant

The CET is ideal for producing thick-walled parts, but it also has good thin-wall behavior. Same as PMMA or SAN removal, its moisture absorption is very low as well as its density.


Application domain

  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Champagne buckets
  • Washing up
  • Cutlery handles and tools
  • Pen body


More details about CET on OMNEXUS.specialchem.com


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