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Genius 72 is a Glycol modifed PET resin commonly called “PETG”.
Lower Viscosity allows this resin to be used in injection moulding of transparent and glossy parts with thick cross sections.
Attributes: clarity and Ease of Processing

Genius 80 M

It features perfect sealability, superior gloss, clarity and thermoformability.

Suitable for Shrink Sleeves for Bottles

Attributes: good Shrinkability

Film and Sheet for thermoforming/ Blister Packaging.
Attributes: wide Sealing Window

Genius 80 S

has been fine tuned for extrusion and stretching of thermo shrinkable films commonly called Shrink Sleeves.

Genius 84

High melt strength and superb clarity make this resin the ideal choice for extrusion blow moulding and heavy gauge sheet extrusion.
Amorphous, Improved Melt Strength

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