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  • Automobile and truck
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  • Cosmetic
  • Defense, security, protection
  • Electric and electronic
  • Health
  • Hobbies
  • Industry and tools
  • Liquid transport
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  • Extrusion
  • Injection


  • Food contact EU


Technical datasheets


ISPLEN  for the Spanish producer – compounder REPSOL propos a range of PP compound for all application with high capacity.

PP mineral filled

  • PP fibres filled
  • PP mineral filled

with some stabilistions as UV,


ISPLEN  has European automotives homologations
ISPLEN  show as goof quality  with really attractive prices

External pieces

Anti-scratch grade, low odor, sound absorption.

Bumper, Exterior Moldings, UV Grade

Under hood pieces

High thermal grade, (heating, filter, headlight structure, bezel).

Isplen PP compounds offers a line for white range home appliances,

  • Grade with good behavior with detergents,
  • High rigidity the small appliances food contact
  • High rigidity and good impact level
  • Ease of decoration garden furniture impact resistance
  • UV stabilization Standard color black
  • Gray and Natural and other custom colors.

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Montana Tania

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