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Technical datasheets


A wind of elegance despite high temperatures Lexan XHT copolymers provide dimensional stability under the high temperature conditions of today’s high-density headlamps and bulbs: halogen, xenon and light-emitting diodes (DEL).


LEXAN EXL Copolymers: excellent resistance to shock, especially cold LEXAN DMX: good resistance to scratching


LEXAN SLX: excellent resistance to UV aging


Compared to conventional PC and other materials, Lexan XHT copolymers can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of over 170 ° C in metallized applications.


These new transparent resins can be tinted on demand for sophisticated appearances They can also be metallized to produce a highly brilliant and highly reflective appearance. Thanks to their excellent polymer-metal adhesion performance, Lexan XHT resins can be metallized directly, which avoids the application of a metallization layer on the part.


Excellent moisture resistance

A metallic finish of high quality, without bubbles or blisters. Lexan XHT materials are also easy to process, including in the case of thin-walled parts, which requires high fluidity. These copolymers can be cast in existing PC molds without significant modifications.

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