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  • Agri-food
  • Electric and electronic
  • Liquid transport
  • Optical
  • Sport and hobbies


  • Injection


  • Food contact – FDA


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RILSAN® CLEAR – ARKEMA are transparent polyamides, lightweight, flexibility, chemical resistance, easy processing, are the key properties of RILSAN Clear.

Rilsan® Clear transparent polyamides create exciting new design possibilities for injection molded parts.

These transparent copolyamides provide greater flexibility and easier processing capabilities than existing solutions. Combining ultra light weight, high transparency, chemical and mechanical resistances, Rilsan® Clear products offer new opportunities in various markets.

The range includes different specialities:

  • RILSAN® Clear G120 : improved chemical resistance
  • RILSAN® Clear G170 : improved thermo resistance and rigidity
  • RILSAN® Clear G300HI : improved flexibility and impact resistance
  • masterbatches MB RILSAN® Clear Crystal color MB for optimized clarity et MB RILSAN® Clear TL UV and thermal stabilizer
  • RILSAN® Clear G850 Rnew, bio-based from castor oil :  flexibility and weathering resistance. As well as new optical grades on development


  • Full transparency – More transparent than glass
  • Lightweight – Density 0,99 to 1,05 depending on grades
  • Flexibility – for long lasting endurance
  • Chemical Resistance – Excellent Environmental Stress Cracking resistance
  • Easy Processing – Good flowability
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Biobased grades


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