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  • Agri-food
  • Cosmetic
  • Electric and electronic
  • Optical
  • Sport and hobbies


  • Extrusion
  • Injection


Technical datasheets


It is 100% bio-renewable semi–crystalline thermoplastics. It has the low density, low water absorption, good processing workability under low temperature , good weather ability resistance and impact resistance. It is widely used for industrial parts with low friction properties e.g. gear, electronics housing parts, rigid technical tubing, technical film, powder coating.
Available Hiprolon 200 range also on request only.


It is a high performance long carbon chain polyamide resin, with unique properties such as low density, extremely low water absorption, high chemical resistance, excellent durability and flexibility. It is an ideal material of choice for automotive tubing systems, oil& gas pipe et al and technical decorative films.


Hiprolon® 11 is a long chain polyamide compound from bio-renewable resource. It features low density, low water absorbtion, high dimension stability, extremely high cold impact resistance, high burst pressure and low gasoline permeation, good chemical resistance. It is widely used for auto fuel lines, air brake tubing, cable sheathing et al and meets ISO 7628,DIN 73378,DIN 74324 standards in automotive industry.

The benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Processability

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