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Selenis Venuz has been specially developed for the cosmetics market, combining exceptional clarity with high performance and easy treatment. allowing you to efficiently pack your products in containers that convey a sense of luxury.


The superior clarity in the shade of Selenis Venuz offer good chemical resistance to most ingredients used in the cosmetics industry, as well as good barrier properties, while helping brand owners to ensure the safety and conservation of product. It is possible to reduce the costs of packaging to the extent that the shelf life can be maintained without having to add additional coatings.


The superior clarity in the Selenis Venuz shade allows packaging designers to design parts with thick walls, without sacrificing transparency. The combination of density and thick walls increases the weight of the packaging, reinforcing the consumer’s perception of a high-end product.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Highly resistant to impact
  • Good barrier properties
  • Exceptional clarity
  • High brightness
  • Design flexibility
  • Capacity of thick walls
  • Easy to treat
  • Excellent decorative abilitiy
  • Secondary operations facilitated
  • Flexibility of treatment
  • Fast cycle times
  • BPA and additive free

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